Unsere Hebammen beantworten auch deine Frage – kostenlos und kompetent! gewinnen! The girls baby name list included Freya - which stormed an impressive 13 places to push Aria out of tenth position, while another new top 10 entry, Isabella, rose three places to number nine. Bernie, after Elton's manager Bernie Taupin, was also on the rise, along with Taran (Egerton, the lead actor), Sheila and Ivy, Elton's mum and grandmother. Eight more Number 1 songs in 2019 feature in the UK’s Official Top 40 songs of the year, four of which place inside the Top 10. Das Informationsangebot von www.babyclub.de dient ausschließlich Ihrer Information und ersetzt in keinem Fall eine persönliche Beratung, Untersuchung oder Diagnose durch einen approbierten Arzt. weiterlesen. Stillen gegen Corona? Other factors that influenced names where characters from musical films and children's favourite books. A Star is Born, released at the end of last year, may still be weaving its magic on parents too. {{#if status.ads.shoppingtip}} Jaxon and all its different spellings, including that of male lead character Jackson, broke into the top 20. gewinnen! Parents also looked to Scottish players Erin (Cuthbert), Lana (Clelland) and Fiona (Brown), and some of the better-known American soccer players Megan (Rapinoe) and Carli (Lloyd). Im Zeitraum vom 1. Über 8000 Mädchennamen! Favourite characters from books for younger readers also influenced parents' naming choices. Lorna Marsh, BabyCentre senior editor, said: 'As predicted in our 2019 half-year baby name results, eco-conscious parents also looked to climate campaigners for inspiration. Ally, the lead female character played by Lady Gaga, increased in popularity. Intelligent, lebhaft und ehrgeizig! Möchtest Du bei der aktuellen Wahl zur Vornamen-Hitliste 2020 mitmachen? Both names feature in Beatles songs which are explored in the film. Winnie, from Winne the Pooh, gained in popularity to land just outside the top 100, Thomas (the Tank Engine) continued to chug up the top 20, and the number of registrations for Jemima, as in Jemima Puddleduck, almost doubled. People share the WORST Secret... You're not fooling anyone! Nature sparked the imagination of parents, with Robyn soaring 27 places to number 65, while Forrest, Eden, Ivy, Rowan, Willow, Holly, Jasmine, Iris and Olive were also on the rise. The list, which is collated after thousands of parents register their babies names on the website, also saw Muhammad, Noah and Leo top the list for boys names. Von Patrick Konrad Zuletzt aktualisiert am 27. Olivia, Sophia and Ava topped the list for favourite baby girl names, however the UK baby website claim that female footballers, including England's Lionesses, have inspired some parents. Jetzt Lieblingsnamen suchen. Zum Voten einfach Sterne markieren und klicken, Du hast noch keine Vornamen auf deiner Merkliste! The BabyCentre has released its annual top 100 baby names - but reveal that the climate crisis and female footballers have had a big influence on baby names this year too. Zur Trendliste. The top 100 2019 lists the 100 most popular hits in the UK singles music charts in 2019. Blue Pure 221 Luftreiniger $.post(url, {adserver_campaign_ids: ids}); Vornamen Hitliste 12-Monats-Charts: TOP 1000 Hier siehst du die Platzierungen der letzten zwölf Monate. Die Milch macht's, Auch Zuhause gut auf die That wasn't on the wish list! Top 100 new entries included Nur at number 45, Hallie at number 68 and Delilah at 88. Einfach, kostenlos und sofort aktualisiert. Published: 10:40 EST, 3 December 2019 | Updated: 13:08 EST, 3 December 2019. Olivia, Sophia and Ava top the list for favourite baby girl names, however the UK baby website claim that female footballers, including England's Lionesses, have inspired some of the new names. Dann stimme jetzt für Deinen Lieblingsnamen ab! informiert. Hole Dir Zugang zu den Informationen, die Dich interessieren. Meanwhile, Queen fans may have taken inspiration from the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic as Freddie remained a steadfast top 10 favourite and Brian continued its surprising rise outside the top 100. 12-Monats-Charts vom 01.11.2019 bis zum 01.11.2020.