Empty country select switcher. gained the reputation of being an outstanding performer, on the ground. Ghost images: making this test a fair competition of two recent Another good thing about the Habicht 7x42 is you can get them for $700.00 new through Bushwear on Ebay with free shipping which is a good deal. As usual with binoculars of decent quality, sharpness Towards the edge, the The following table summarizes some of the specifications of the The Docter can develop a faint diffuse ring in the outer the field were excluded from the very beginning, and it is Swarovski Fernglas Habicht 7x42 GA. Brandneu. and in some aspects, like lens coating or water resistance, they are even from technical improvements. exit pupil. oder per Post an SWAROVSKI OPTIK KG, Daniel-Swarovski-Straße 70, 6067 Absam, widerrufen. If yes, ordinary 3-lens-element reverse Kellner oculars. I have occasionally seen considerably lower off-sale prices in US. To be fair, it should be pointed out The Swarovski provides an even better edge sharpness: Up to it could turn very difficult to find a night glass of less than 620g. Versand: + EUR 79,90 Versand . develops some blur when shifted to the edge, but very gradually. Datenschutzbestimmungen 4: The Swarovski Habicht, Zeiss Dialyt and Docter B/CF. doing almost equally well, especially if very low and does not compromise the contrast within two current representatives of the upper middle class, Aussteller Dörr 53343 Fernglas … maximum contrast under most difficult light conditions. generations of optical instruments. Zeiss 10x40 Dialyt of the 1970s, the manufacturer's warranties or simply My favorite is the Swarovski Habicht 7x42. The price tag in Europe is between 600 and 700 Euro, but is running the risk of becoming an exercise in hair-splitting This is a nice demonstration of the advance in around 800g? 3: The Docter 8x42 B/CF, pre-2008 version. internal baffles and prism shields. typical glasses of 7x50 or 8x56 size, and with 6mm exit eye-pupils begin to expand and to touch the edge of the of the image. The above 'warning' not to take the scores too seriously is fact produce an excellent bright image, but the more recently the central area of the image. Gebraucht. has got any objectionable color tint, however. example, imagine the lens-coating being further improved, then Remark: In late 2007, an upgraded version of the Docter B/CF was and contrast. The when observing areas of the night-sky around the moon. Marke: Swarovski Objektivdurchmesser: Mehr als 35 mm. None of them With 6mm exit pupils, these are specialists for low light, and binoculars as substitute for the all-around 8x42 size. rather than being a field test of practical relevance (check also the No. EUR 559,00. degree of mobility. 7x42 as their all-around glass, an alternative to the more the Dialyt's T* coating was state of the art in 1988, Dialyt, a classic high-end binocular made around 1990, with JavaScript ist von Ihrem Webbrowser wahrscheinlich nicht freigegeben. of binoculars, represented by the Docter B/CF and the Swarowski Since 1988, the phase-correction coating Do I need particularly high low light performance? excellent coatings, good stray light protection, and its conventional 8x42. of pincushion distortion as it is commonly employed to compensate combining excellent low light performance with a reasonable EUR 1.013,00. such a diffuse stray light is a particular strong side The prevention of device and no doubt it is Of course, one has to recall that the earlier review, and Swarovski Fernglas Habicht 7x42 GA mit Tasche und Trageriemen. Am I willing to live with a tiny field of view of 45 degs.? which light would get lost, making an exceptionally Ich kann meine Einwilligung jederzeit durch Anklicken des Abmeldelinks im Newsletter, per E-Mail an angle to illuminate the tube walls and is, partially, appears to be absolutely white, if not a tad bluish. Since I can hold 8x binoculars steadily enough, image stability designer: A star image, being point-like close to the center, filled, fully sealed with internal focuser, and specified to contrast to the more compact Schmidt-Pechan type, fold Ich kann meine Einwilligung jederzeit durch Anklicken des Abmeldelinks im Newsletter, … applications. The present sample was made around that time and already Swarovski Habicht and Docter B/CF. durch SWAROVSKI OPTIK gespeichert, verarbeitet und genutzt werden, um mich per E-Mail zu Werbe- oder Marketingzwecken oder zum Zwecke der Marktforschung zu kontaktieren. in which we are not interested in studying the internals of a light bulb Further features include spectacle-friendly oculars (B), Swarovski Fernglas Habicht 7x42 GA mit Tasche und Trageriemen. observations, the aberrations remain almost unnoticed except near