Male[2] Status Spear Gun 4. Notably, this individual seemed to rely less on his Plasmacaster and apparently preferred utilizing close-quarters weaponry against his prey. The Harry Harris Aliens Collection & Archive, Predator 2 - Hot Toys Predator 14 inch Fully poseable model kit (Battle Damaged Version), The Hunters and the Hunted: The Making of Predator 2, Monster Legacy - Predator Metamorphosis – Part II: Predator 2,, After having the lower portion of its left arm sliced off, the City Hunter was played in wide shots by one-armed stuntman, Originally, the Predators in the first and second movies were never given names and were simply known as "The Predator". There are also plenty of new shaders for Fireteam weapons, a new outfit, and several Predator skin tints. City Hunter One possible explanation is that the apparatus is not actually a respiratory aid, but rather administers some form of stimulant or medicinal aid to temporarily keep the Predator going, on account of the numerous gunshot wounds to the torso he had received. Only 5 left in stock. NECA Announces Ultimate Battle-Damaged City Hunter! The City Hunter discusses his paycheck with director Stephen Hopkins. Press J to jump to the feed. That night, the Predator later struck the Scorpions' rivals, the Jamaican Voodoo Posse, when several of the posse's members ritualistically murdered Colombian leader Ramon Vega in his luxurious downtown apartment. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to get the latest on your social media walls. Despite being played by the same actor who portrayed the Yautja in the first movie, the City Hunter in Predator 2 is played very differently. He quickly decimated the team with his Combistick, Plasmacaster, and Wristblades, before finally dueling a heavily armed Harrigan, who had also arrived on the scene. The "City Hunter",[4] also known as Ghost,[citation needed] was a Yautja from the Los Angeles hunting party that conducted a Hunt in the city during the heatwave and gang war of 1997. Following on from their stunning City Demon Predator 2 figure for San Diego Comic Con, NECA has officially announced their upcoming Ultimate Battle-Damaged City Hunter, another of their Predator 2 themed figures in celebration of the upcoming 30th anniversary! His body was collected by his brethren and taken off-planet. This DLC pack includes the City Hunter Predator class and 16 armor tints, as well as early access* to the Classic Combistick and Wrist Launcher weapons and 9 weapon tints so you can hunt the Fireteam in fearsome … [8] According to special effects designer Stan Winston: The changes were most noticeable on the creature's head — the forehead was made shallower and steeper, and now included a circular "horned brow ridge", while small thorn-like protrusions were added to the mandibles, the lower set of which were further embellished with visible gums. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Ultimate Battle-Damaged City Hunter is currently expected to hit the shelves in April 2021. The fact that the City Hunter returned Danny's necklace to Harrigan in the cemetery could be evidence that the creature held some respect towards the cop, although it could also have been a means to taunt or intimidate him. It seems strange that the City Hunter does not even attempt to put his bio-helmet back on after Harrigan removes it in the slaughterhouse; the Predator didn't intentionally remove it out of some sense of honor, and the technological edge it provided would have aided the creature greatly. Despite the advanced equipment being used by Keyes' team to shield their body heat from the Predator's sight, the City Hunter quickly adapted, using his alternative vision modes to expose the light coming from the team's ultraviolet torches. The Predator uses the following weapons and equipment in the film: 1. The novel attempts to explain this oversight by saying that the helmet was lost down a drain when the Predator hurls Harrigan away. Portrayed by Killed numerous LA gang members, including King Willie.Wiped out an OWLF taskforce. [1] The Predator's actions, apparent preference for criminal victims and mysterious nature led to him being christened the "psycho vigilante" by journalists such as Tony Pope.[1]. 3 City Hunter - Predator 2. Trying to get hold of this particular Predator figure (Neca-Series 7 masked Predator 2 aka City Hunter)is very difficult,so I snapped it up as soon as I saw it courtesy of Amazon. CDN$43.95. Black Other Information Minimates Battle-Damaged City Hunter figure. City Hunter Predator Pack From the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, emerge from the shadows as the City Hunter – the new premium Predator class from the iconic 1990 film. Who would win in a fight: the more experienced jungle hunter or the more well equipped city hunter? When his kind become intrigued to humanity since Jungle Hunter's defeat at the hands of Dutch in 1987, they sent a Hunting Party to Los Angeles 10 years later with a small mothership that they hid below the city, unnoticed by inhabitants as they arrived. Tim Waggoner Interview (Author of Alien:... J.W Rinzler’s ‘The Making of Aliens’ Review, ‘Then Some Other Bullshit Happens’ – Walter Hill and David Giler’s Alien 2 Storynotes, AvP Galaxy Podcast 118: In Town With A Few Days To Kill, Predator 2 30th Anniversary Retrospective, AvP Galaxy Podcast 117: I’m A Stranger Here Myself, What We’d Like To See For The Future of Alien & Predator. When Harrigan and his team discovered the scene, now littered with skinned bodies hanging from the apartment's ceiling, Detective Danny Archuleta noticed a spear tip, which had been missed by the OWLF personnel, lodged in a vent in the ceiling; when he later returned to recover the item, the City Hunter was waiting for him. The City Hunter was motivated to travel to Earth and hunt man after viewing records of the Jungle Hunter's activities in Guatemala. AvP Galaxy Podcast 116: Barroom Canon, Deep Lore & Unpredictability, Talking Alien RPG with Writer & Franchise Consultant Andrew Gaska! Cons: The ball joints for the legs seem to be loose on these figures so positioning can be difficult, this is a common problem that NECA hopefully fixes in the near future. You can also join in with fellow Alien and Predator fans on our forums! Deeming his prey unworthy, the City Hunter left the bodies strewn across the room, although at least one victim was left hanging from the building's rafters and later collected as a trophy. He eventually came into conflict with both a government taskforce attempting to capture him and veteran LAPD Detective Lieutenant Mike Harrigan. Eaglemoss Collections MEGA statuette of the City Hunter. Close. There are also plenty of new shaders for Fireteam weapons, a new outfit, and several Predator skin tints. The added combi stick really makes it a sweet deal. It also seems somewhat strange that the Predator needs any kind of handheld device to assist in his breathing, as other Predators have been seen without their helmets on Earth for comparable or longer periods of time without this requirement. [6] The Predator began following him, studying his behavior and customs. Net Gun 5. 7'8 (2.33 m) The City Hunter was well-armed, carrying a significant array of deadly weaponry and advanced technology.