Some of Lindner’s party colleagues believe he might have known what Thuringia’s FDP at the ‘Landtag’ had in mind regarding the election, before it happened. Kemmerich was asked whether he accepted the vote. That way they are hoping to avoid new elections. He said he would ask for a vote of confidence at his headquarters. On Wednesday, political life in Germany was as normal as it could be. ), Berlin: Stricter Contact Restrictions Due to Corona Hotspot Status, Germany: Second Corona Lockdown Commences on Monday, Chronology: Germany and the Corona Pandemic, Germany: Big Mess Expected on Long Distance Trains Around Christmas, Germany: Number of New Infections Jumps Up Yet Again, Berlin: New Corona Rules from Saturday, Partial Lockdown Starts Monday, Germany: Tesla’s Big Plans in Brandenburg Just Grew Further, Germany: Merkel and First Ministers to Decide About Corona Approach, Quedlinburg: A Thousand Years of History at One Spot, Germany: First Ministers Agree to Eased Corona Restrictions for Christmas, Germany: Bavaria Prolongs Christmas Vacations Because of Corona, Spiced Cookie and Roast Goose: The German Approach to Christmas, Germany: Partial Lockdown to be Prolonged, Berlin: Deniers Stage Corona Protest, Left-Wing Radicals Block Street. It is a battle between progressives and authoritarians, writes Yanis Varoufakis It took them a while to react though. Imanuel Marcus is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Berlin Spectator. But observers do not believe that way has good chances. The outcome could be surprisingly positive for Europe. Germany’s political identity crisis A major shift is taking place in Berlin. Contact: imanuelmarcus (at), Thuringia: First Minister Elected by Right-Wing Extremists Resigns, Berlin’s 10 Least Romantic Spots: Stay Away on Valentine’s Day, Amadeu António Kiowa: Victim of Extremist Right-Wing Hatred in Germany, Made in Germany: A Functioning, but Rather Chaotic Education System, Berlin: The Palace that was Built Three Times, Berlin: Goodbye to an ‘U-Bahn’ Train Station and Hello to Three New Ones, Germany Continues to Support Palestinian NGOs Linked to…, Germany: Berlin Remains Capital of Protests, Spiced Cookie and Roast Goose: The German Approach to…, Following the Berlin Wall Path: Where the Remainder is a…, Berlin: The Top 10 Ways to ‘Shoot’ Brandenburg…, Germany: Berliners Make Use of their ‘Last…, Amadeu António Kiowa: Victim of Extremist Right-Wing Hatred…, Prince Charles in Berlin: ‘Fundamental Bond Remains…, Berlin Senate’s Plans for Bicycle Highways Take Next…, Berlin: Schönefeld Airport Ceases to Exist, Germany: Mercedes Benz Presents Seventh Generation S-Class, Germany: Merkel Announces Corona Rules for December, Berlin: Goodbye to an ‘U-Bahn’ Train Station and…. For the CDU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer reacted even later late, but also demanded new elections. The judiciary of … An inward-looking, distracted Germany will be able to provide neither—at a time when the EU is … Divisions had been opened up by Merkel’s open-door policy on refugees in late 2015, which led to the arrival of almost a million newcomers and fuelled the rise of the AfD. It also laid bare the deep shifts in German politics, as well as emphasising the divisions within the CDU over whether it should continue on the centrist course of its previous leader and current chancellor, Angela Merkel, or embrace a more vigorous conservatism in the hope of winning back some of the millions of voters it has lost to the AfD. The latest polls compiled by Statista show the CDU would top polling with 27-29%, the SPD would receive 13 or 14% and the Greens 20-24%. He could have said no, because the extremists were his kingmaker. Originally from Hamburg, he used to be a war reporter in Bosnia and Croatia, and a U.S. correspondent for German and Swiss radio stations in Washington D.C.. Both Kemmerich and Mohring say there had not been any deal. Jens Spahn, the health minister, came third in the December 2018 contest. She would not only take over the reins of the CDU and, by extension, be the party’s lead candidate for the chancellery, but would preserve her legacy, hence her nickname of “mini-Merkel”.