BTS – Moon Lyrics. Filter. BTS (방탄소년단) - Moon Lyrics KOREAN Romanization, Korean, Translation. Jamais Vu. You are my planet I’m just a moon to you Your little star that lights up your heart You are my Earth And all I see is you Just staring at you like this way. BTS JIN – Moon English Translation Lyrics. Moon. 너는 나의 지구 네게 난 just a moon 네 맘을 밝혀주는 너의 작은 별 너는 나의 지구 And all I see is you Explain your version of song meaning, find more of BTS lyrics. album: "MAP OF THE SOUL : 7" (2020) Intro: Persona. 이렇게 함께했던 건지 have been together like this. Moon. Black Swan. BTS Lyrics. My Time (시차) Louder Than Bombs. Color coded Lyrics Interlude: Shadow. Original lyrics of Moon song by BTS. modudeul naega aleumdabda hajiman nae badaneun ontong kkaman geol kkochdeuli pigo haneuli … UGH! ON (Remix) (Digital Bonus Track) Search. BTS Lyrics in English. Boy With Luv (작은 것들을 위한 시) Make It Right. Friends (친구) Moon. Respect. February 22, 2020 doolset 6 Comments . Jeezy "The Recession 2" Dark Tranquillity "Moment" Rauw Alejandro "Afrodisiaco" 2 Chainz "So Help Me God!" Your existence alone is shining I’m wondering if I can stand by your side? BTS "BE" Megan Thee Stallion "Good News" SAINt JHN "While The World Was Burning" Lee Brice "Hey World" Koe Wetzel "Sellout" King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard "K.G." (욱) 00:00 (Zero O'Clock) Inner Child. Spotify | Apple Music. 달과 지구는 언제부터 Since when the moon and the earth. AC/DC "POWER UP" Aya Nakamura "AYA" BENEE "Hey u x" Chris Stapleton "Starting Over" Future & Lil Uzi Vert "Pluto x Baby … Produced by Slow Rabbit Written by Slow Rabbit, RM, Jin, ADORA, Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, Candace Nicole Sosa, Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell. Outro: Ego. Artist: Jin (방탄소년단 (BTS)) Song: Moon Album: MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 Year: 2020. ON. Map of the Soul: 7. Dionysus. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Can I be by your side, shining with existence? dalgwa jiguneun eonjebuteo ileohge hamkkehaessdeon geonji jonjaelodo bichnaneun neo geu gyeoteul na jikyeodo doelji neoneun naui jigu nege nan just a moon ne mameul balghyeojuneun neoui jageun byeol neoneun naui jigu And all I see is you ileohge geujeo neol balabol ppunin geol. Moon BTS. We Are Bulletproof : The Eternal. You are my earth I am just a moon to you Your little star that light up your heart You are my earth And all I see is you I can only watch over you like this. Hangul: 달과 지구는 언제부터 이렇게 함께했던 건지 존재로도 빛나는 너 그 곁을 나 지켜도 될지. How long has the moon And earth been together like this? Comment and share your favourite lyrics. February 21, 2020; kpopeasy; 46 Comments; English; Since when moon and earth have been together?