Secondly the GUI for the fletching table should have 4 slots where items can be placed.In the first one the meterial will be the fur.the second will be for the stick and the third one for the flint.The fourth slot can be used to place potions.You could place Splash Potions or regular potions in … The Crafting Table texture will replace its top texture. Shoot an arrow into the target of a Fletching Table to convert it into a Fletching-Crafting Table. Fletching. The Fletching Table is a miscellaneous block added by vanilla Minecraft. Fletching Table. What are some interesting/useful mechanics do you think Fletching tables should add with the Combat Update coming out. It can be found in Villages and is confirmed to receive further functionality in later versions. This is the second part to my idea on how the fletching table should be implemented. In the GUI, there will be a 3x3 crafting grid and an ouput slot, as well as a recipe book. Many are still not familiar with what it is in the first place. Since, a fletching table one could say is one of the newest addition to the Minecraft update. It could also just be used to infuse arrows with potions instead of the crafting table, but with all the changes they're making (especially to archery and potions) I think there are so many cool things they could add. Recipe [ edit ]