13.Killswith Engage The band create lounge music versions of classic songs, including ones from System Of A Down, Slipknot, Disturbed and more. 7.Slayer Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine. But adding to its epic proportions, Killswitch Engage do it justice with the powerful and intense vocal performance of former singer Howard Jones, which adds depth and soul, making the song perfect tribute and Eulogy to the fallen, legendary heavy metal singer. But there’s a ton of bands who take the hilarity to a whole other level. The track was the prefect hybrid of machine like synths and sounds from the ’80s and the heavy approach that Fear Factory is known for. Bee Gees are about as far away from metal as you can get, but Tragedy challenge that idea by giving the band’s music a heavy retouch. Ever since there have been bands, there have been other bands, who come after and cover them live and on record. The song has been immortalized, and Metallica is preserving the legacy of “Am I Evil” to this day with the occasional live performance, and with the special and extraordinary jam session live on stage, at the Monumental Big Four concert, featuring Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer and Metallica. This ACDC classic song is given a new life with a death metal make over. This fast, angry and pulsating cover of is originally performed by the Dead Kennedys as an overt attack against racists. 18.Coal Chamber featuring Ozzy “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper “Land of Confusion” by Genesis Whether you dig Ms. Spears hit pop song, this is an interesting take on what a cover song means. Napalm Death decided to pay homage to these Bay Area punk legends and take their own stance against Nazis and racists. “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”  by Dead Kennedys Heisenberg (Breaking Bad-themed band) Breaking Bad was a pretty dark show, so it’s fitting that a … Metal has always been a ridiculous genre dating back to its beginnings. 15.Cradle of Filth Required fields are marked *. British extreme metal band Cradle of Filth display the perfect way to show the deep impact of classic old school metal’s sound in the extreme metal world, of thrash death and black metal. All of the band members dress up in his classic green sweater and pink dress shirt with that iconic moustache while shredding through some tunes. Disturbed’s version of the 1986 hit is catchy and reminiscent of the original; vocalist David Draiman actually sounds like how Phil Collins would sound like if he were in a heavy metal band. Judas Priest. If you like Black Sabbath and a greasy burger, Mac Sabbath have everything you’re looking for. Your email address will not be published. This cover is a real life example of when shock rock pays tribute to shock rock. Good old Uncle Al and his band always bring the psychotic mix of industrial mechanical metal, and this interpretation is heavier and a bit darker but just as rocking and soulful as the original. Coal Chamber took a darker approach to this classic Pete Gabriel tune from 1982. “Cars” by Gary Numan Original song by Rockin´ Around the Christmas Tree. With Judas Priest, the level of musicianship is at a top notch level, and the 1974 song by Baez releases the band’s ability to deliver a beautifully written song and give it another level of complexity. This extreme metal version is a fast number guaranteed to induce head banging. One of heavy metal’s earliest, and most important bands covered a rock song, and took their version to become bigger than the original to some metal heads. Bringing together metal, disco and glitter, Tragedy are a novelty who take themselves seriously with impressive musicianship that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. This cover is from 1981 and the LA based ’80s New Wave band Berlin. “Holy Diver”  by Dio 10.Lemmy Kilmister and Wendy O Williams The musical vibe is slighty heavy and sounds like ’90s nu metal of the time. “Hallowed Be Thy Name” by Iron Maiden The case is no different when it comes to heavy metal. “Pain Killer” by Judas Priest But Beatallica balance them fantastically. Creativity and thinking outside of the box is what make’s a cover great, and even bring more excitement back to the original song. Misfats are a big-bodied Misfits tribute band who bring a fattening food take to the iconic horror-punk act with such songs as “Hungry Moments” and “Don’t Open That Mayonnaise.”. The vocals were more aggressive and harsh than the original version, but the song clearly shows why so many heavy metal bands were influenced by the great Motorhead. 14.Napalm Death From tribute bands dedicated to Breaking Bad, McDonald’s or Star Wars, there’s a shocking amount who pay homage to absurd themes. Check out this cover tribute to one of the loudest bands on the planet by these Brazilian heavy metal masters in 1991. In this impressive track from 2002, lead singer Dani Filth wails his way through this classic Iron Maiden epic, and the sounds are parallel, with just a bit more evil sounding nuances. Leo Metal Covers Leo covers a wide variety music genres in his songs and makes it into his own metal version. This LA-based band started out from the underground metal scene in Southern California at the time, and became mega superstars, as they came up in a decade ruled by Ozzfests, and mainstream radio airplay, with the hit album, Toxicity, 2000. OK so this is an odd one, and COB should get some points for being extra creative and thinking outside of the box. 11.Machine Head Not only did some of the greatest rock musicians of all times begin their musical careers by playing someone else’s tunes, many bands have hit it big by playing covers. For roughly a decade, Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack have dominated as the sweethearts of our corner of the music community, sharing an undeniable connection not only as artists but as soulmates. 6.Ministry This is the most successful cover of all of heavy metal. Orange County's Leading Source Of News, Culture And Entertainment. Almost two decades later, our favorite mutant band of head banging aliens decided to show a similar love for rebellion by reinterpreting the song for a new audience. But, this emotional and intense cover of the classic song by country singer Tammy Wynette along with the late singer Wendy O Williams highlights the talent and musicianship by both singers. 2.Judas Priest “Abolish Government” by TSOL In this cover, Slayer gave fans the perfect way to show how in some ways, ’80s hardcore punk was at least partially responsible for the band’s thrash metal legacy. Rob Flynn and company delivered a song that had rhythm, harmonies melodies and still kept a level of aggressiveness that took talent and creativity to create. Whether you]love or hate this nu metal band, there’s no denying that any band who covers the iconic song ‘Land of Confusion’ by Genesis is worth a listen.