La Calota LS2 está fabricada en fibra de vidrio compuesto de Alto Rendimiento. Regular price $349 View. sizes (XXS - 3XL) to offer the most comfortable fit and is fairly lightweight at 1390g. However, the AGV K-3 SV can often be found on SportsBike Shop for £120-£150 (again, depending on the design you opt for) and we personally prefer the fit. LS2 FF397 VECTOR HELMET - MATTE BLACK. WHITES POWERSPORTS AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd. Bayswater VIC 3153. LS2 FF397 Citation Helmet - Vector Wake - Flo Red - XS or SM LS2. CLICK HERE LET'S TAKE IT, OUTSIDE. CLICK HERE TO APPLY. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Der LS2 FF397 Vector ist den den Farben Weiß, Schwarz und Mattschwarz erhältlich, außerdem sind 7 Dekorvarianten verfügbar. VECTOR C EVO. Regular price $349 View. Regular price $309 View. LS2 FF397 VECTOR HELMET - MATTE BLACK. Sale Regular price $299.00 Find A Stockist. The Vector is a technically advanced full-face helmet from LS2. FULL FACE & MODULAR. Helmet details. ls2 ff397 vector hpfc road touring motorcycle helmet THE BESTtechnology A technically advanced full-face motorcycle helmet, our new Vector offers technology and features rivalling the finest helmets in … Contact Us . But, considering it's aimed at high-speed Touring riders, having to buy more padding in addition to a £160 outlay, we aren't convinced the Vector Evo is great value for money. What is it? LS2 Vector Evo FT2 Cosmos FF397 Integralhelm matt-schwarz- Der neue LS2 Vector wurde von LS2 aus einem völlig neu entwickelten Material entwickelt. The helmet also comes in three external. Vents are located on the top and chin of the helmet, with the chin being a two-step vent. These graphics provide an indication of how this model of helmet performed at each of the five impact locations on the helmet during the 8.5 m/s linear impact tests against the flat anvil. On a not-so-positive note, we have the 3-star SHARP rating. In terms of noise, we think it's a fairly quiet helmet but we'd still recommend earplugs - as we do with any helmet to protect your hearing long-term. Contact Us . The shell is made from LS2's proprietary High Performance Fiberglass Composite (HPFC). Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind: temluftabweiser, Windabweiser am Kinn, Sonnenblende, Helmbeutel und Pinlock-Visier (beigelegt), außerdem ist der LS2 FF397 Vector für LS2-Bluetooth-Systeme vorbereitet. CLICK HERE. WAS $119.95 MSRP: $274.95 You save $175.00 Add to Wish List. There's a quick-release, Class A Optically Correct visor - which means the main clear visor should be distortion-free - that comes with a Pinlock Max Vision Anti Fog System. The lightness of the helmet could mean there's simply less padding to protect the sides of your head, but that's speculation. La calota está fabricada con HPFC (Compuesto de Fibra de Alto Rendimiento) desarrollado por LS2. Impact zones - high speed tests. A technically advanced full-face motorcycle helmet, our new Vector offers technology and features rivaling the finest helmets in the world. Regular price $349 View. Information about how the colour codes relate to the recorded peak acceleration can be found at Impact Zone Diagrams. As for security systems, there's a Quick Release Strap, Reinforced Chin Strap and Reflective Safety Patch. The Vector Evo HPFC (FF397) is a lightweight, feature-packed helmet with a wide range of sizes and designs on offer. INSANE DEAL $99.95. A slightly wobbly helmet on windy days, on top of a 3-star SHARP safety rating, also doesn't fill us with confidence in regards to safety. On the plus side, the visor works well to protect from low sun, although we'd like if it went down just a tad further to block more glare on wet roads. Un casco integral técnicamente avanzado, nuestro nuevo Vector ofrece características y tecnología capaces de rivalizar con los mejores cascos del mundo. All vents are easy enough to use while riding. VECTOR HPFC EVO ... VECTOR HPFC EVO FF397. Personally, we don't like how thin the interior lining feels. Certified ECE 22.05 CLICK HERE. Los visores de los cascos LS2 se componen de lentes de policarbonato de Clase A corregidas ópticamente para una visión en 3D y de un polímero de la era espacial con una alta resistencia al impacto que evita la deformación y ofrece una claridad máxima. The Suzuki Katana is a retro relaunch of one of the firm’s most notable classic machines. VECTOR C EVO; Description; Confort; Visor; Comfort; Segucurity; Ventilation; Graphics; THE BESTTechnology. Create New Wish List; Share. XXS - 3XL. LS2 FF397 Vector Helmet. The lightweight HPFC helmet (High-Performance Fiberglass Composite shell) offers riders multiple features including a Pinlock Max Vision Anti Fog System, hypoallergenic Magna … OPEN FACE & HALF-HELMETS. Emergency Release System cheek pads come as standard and the Vector Evo is also designed to accept LS2's LINKIN Ride Pal Bluetooth system for full wireless connectivity on the move. Plus, it has a higher, 4-star SHARP rating. THE BEST technology A technically advanced full-face motorcycle helmet, our new Vector offers technology and features riva- ling the finest helmets in the world. Regular price $349 View. Se debe prestar especial atención a la forma, el diseño y los materiales de la calota para minimizar los efectos de un posible impacto. VECTOR C EVO FF397 . The helmet is designed for riders with an oval head shape, which is what we'd consider ourself to have (although we do have a small noggin) - yet the fit seems slightly off. The SHARP safety rating is achieved through testing how the helmet performed in each of the five impact locations during the 8.5 m/s linear impact tests against the flat anvil. The shell is made from carbon. GR 1390 ± 50 Prime Cart. Skip to main Hello, Sign in. You can see all the colour options in the specs below, there are 11 designs in total with plain colours retailing at £160 and graphics sitting at £170.