Badly burned in a hydrogen explosion and impaled through the eye by a tree branch. Cover up evidence of the death of a British spy so his KGB masters can impersonate the agent and send false information to MI6. Assassinate King George at a dance performance, assist in ensuing Communist coup by La Velada. Make political statement about Western decadence by blowing up. Identified as culprit. Kill her father and seize his oil business, as well as assist Renard in his scheme to destroy Istanbul in a nuclear explosion, thus allowing Elektra to use her pipeline to supply Istanbul with oil. Start oil spill fire during demonstration with U-boat. Kill James Bond by shaving him with a razor soaked in Japanese fish poison and "accidentally" nicking him. Shot by Bond from boat into water where he drowns. From Le Chiffre's encounter with Bond in the original Casino Royale novel in 1953 to Raoul Silva's scheme to exact revenge on M in the 2012 film, Skyfall, Bond's foes have been one of the most important reasons for the book and film series' continued popularity. Falls to his death after Bond shoots him. Bond and Pushkin fake the latter's assassination, fooling Koskov into believing he is free to act. Das Startgebot lag zwar bei satten 300.000 Dollar (rund 254.000 Euro). Shot in the chest by Bond in the Hall of Mirrors when Bond pretends to be a statue of himself. Choked to death on the rare fish; implied to have been murdered by his battered wife. Provoke a war between the United Kingdom and China by leading a British warship into Chinese territorial waters before sinking it. Succeeds in killing her father, but is killed by Bond before Renard's plan can be fulfilled. Bond is able to warn British authorities about the Cutter before it detonates. Quarrel Jr. destroys his poppy fields with a series of explosives. Hideout raided, forcing him to flee in an airship. Le Chiffre loses the money, and Obanno is killed while attempting to extract it from him. We’ll keep you fully briefed on the amazing 007 events happening across the globe in 2020 and beyond. Supply Iraq with nuclear weapons to destroy America; discredit the Kremlin, allowing Communist loyalists to take over. This is followed by a plan to fire a nuclear missile on Beijing to bring about a regime change in China. Bond saves the king, destroys Friend's operation and forces Sedova to kill Friend. King George is evacuated; bomb's fuse is extinguished before the breakers are destroyed. OCTOPUS is believed to have fallen apart afterwards. November 2020 02:32 Uhr Frankfurt | 01:32 Uhr London | 20:32 Uhr New York | 10:32 Uhr Tokio, Albons Crash "war eindeutig ein Fahrfehler", Haas ist das "richtige Team" für Schumacher, So investiere ich richtig in Nachhaltigkeit, "Die Grenzschließungen gehören zu den Fehlern", "Irre, wie in Leipzig, fühlen sich ausgegrenzt", Dr. Zinn: Weihnachten droht "Superspreader-Event", Arzt simuliert Corona-Sterben mit Schock-Video, Nächster Super-Hotspot verhängt Ausgangssperre, Whisky-Fund in Hauswand ist ein Vermögen wert, So bleiben Piloten cool, wenn's heikel wird, Nackte Frauen und leckere Kartoffelsuppen, Der Tag : Auktion von Bikini aus "James Bond" gescheitert, Auktion von Bikini aus "James Bond" gescheitert, Deutscher Karikaturenpreis 2020 - die Gewinner. Falls to his death in MI6 headquarters after a fight with M. Use biological warfare to make all women beautiful; wipe out all men bigger than him to make him get the girls. Hideout raided, Linck killed and Breed injured. NATO will believe this was an accident, and go into disarmament, allowing Orlov to invade Western Europe and gain world power. Detonate a nuclear bomb in a U.S. Army base in West Germany. Bond steals the C-130 Hercules cargo plane carrying the opium and then crashes it, ruining the deal. Kidnap a Hong Kong scientist who has created a drug that eliminates all pain, and sell it illegally making a fortune. Prevent Russian ice skater Natalia Lustokov's defection to the West. Impaled when Bond shoots him, causing him to fall and be skewered on a radio mast. Bond smashes Blofeld's mini-sub multiple times like a wrecking ball against the control room of his lair, disabling the satellite before dropping the submarine into the ocean. Destroy NATO forces in a massive air strike from space. Create a training school for female spies, who carry out their missions before being fed to the large condor birds. (Foto: imago images/Cinema Publishers Collection). Boiled to death in his own reactor coolant after a fight with Bond. His former henchman and lover, May Day, switches sides and removes a bomb necessary for Zorin's plan to succeed; she dies in the explosion, which causes no other damage. Install Espada as new governor. Obtains the estate but both are later killed. His allies are killed in the explosion of his mansion and he is killed by Bond. Bond altered the rocket's target coordinates. Blackmail the UN with the threat of a deadly virus that will wipe out all agriculture. Stabbed in the back, then knocked into a ship's hold, hammering the knife into his spine. Lynch hatte im Gespräch mit der Deutschen Presse-Agentur zudem versichert, es werde keine „#MeToo-Version“ von James Bond geben. Diamond smuggling operation dismantled by Bond/Icarus controls destroyed. Bond throws the ATAC device off a cliff and destroys it. Uses her position as head of the International Organisation Against Hunger to strategically distribute food aid across northern Africa, giving the government of the Sudan a pretext to go to war with the south. Shot by Bond, but survives due to bulletproof jacket. Assassinate Le Chiffre and maintain the integrity of his organisation. Uses Koskov's embezzled KGB funds to buy opium from the Afghan mujahideen. Bond prevents him from triggering a meltdown of the reactor core by flooding the submarine and then blowing it up before Renard can fulfill his plan.