Next, you need to proceed according to the brand of your TV.We’ve published helpful guides on installing Disney+ on Samsung TVs, LG TVs, Vizio TVs, and Android TV-powered models.If you click on any of the provided links, you’ll get to our step-by-step guide to downloading a native app on your smart TV. Disney's new streaming service launches Tuesday, November 12 with over 500 movies and more than 7,500 episodes of TV content. ; In case your TV … On the one hand, you had a cheap $5.99 monthly subscription … However, if you are new to streaming Disney shows and movies, and specifically looking to watch through a smart TV… Before getting started, you will want to set up your account with Disney … Compatible TV Models with Disney Plus; Year Model WebOS Version; 2019: OLEDC9, OLEDE9, OLEDW9, OLEDZ9, SM9970, webOS 4.5: LM5700, LM570B, LM620B, LM6300, LM630B As one would suspect, the process for downloading Disney Plus is extremely simple and straightforward. When Disney Plus launched in late 2019, the general pros and cons around the new TV streaming service were pretty clear. Disney+ has proven to be a popular option with the streaming service already having attracted more than 28 million subscribers in just a few months. How to download Disney Plus. Here's how to get Disney+ on your TV and devices.