Je suis vraiment hyper satisfait ! Caberg Drift . Share. Shoei Neotec II vs Schuberth C4 Pro: Which is best? Leurs principales exigences : une protection particulièrement efficace et un "emballage" très confortable. This probably won’t be of concern to most fair-weather riders, but it was a major peeve of mine while using it on my daily commute. By continuing to use this website you give consent for cookies to be used. The Drift does include rebates in the lining for spectacles, but fitment can still be a little on the tight side depending on the style of frame you use. Caberg Sizes Chart Certificado Homologación ECE 22-05 El cambio más importante respecto al Drift This helmet is fitted with a double-D buckle that goes to show the intended racing use of this helmet. This product has been tested by one of the real-world riders who joined the club and are making big savings on their biking life. Je cherchais un cax très léger, donc carbone. This basically means the visor is spring-loaded and therefore it closes – whether you like it or not – when in a near closed position. The Drift Evo felt fantastic on my head, with absolutely no pressure points or odd protrusions. How new Coronavirus lockdown restrictions affect motorcycling, Limited Edition Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini revealed, /bikesocial/reviews/products/helmets/tested-caberg-drift-evo-motorcycle-helmet-review, bikesocial/reviews/Products/Helmets/Tested Caberg Drift Evo motorcycle helmet review, Tested: Caberg Drift Evo motorcycle helmet review. Twitter. Choose the best motorcycle helmet. A minor point but not something I’ve experienced with any other helmet even during the depths of winters on salty roads. I personally want the option of having my visor safety locked and fully closed, and for that reason alone I ‘d struggle to recommend it. These graphics provide an indication of how this model of helmet performed at each of the five impact locations on the helmet during the 8.5 m/s linear impact tests against the flat anvil. Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reg no. ‘Drift’ is an unusual word. 913949). El Drift Evo eleva aún más los estándares para satisfacer a los motociclistas deportivos más exigentes. Casque Caberg DRIFT CARBON est évalué 4.0 de 5 de 2. Bennetts is a trading name of Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited, registered in England and Wales (company number 11453343) with its registered office at Worldwide House, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough, PE3 6SB. You can delete or block all cookies but some parts of the website will not work. Ceux-ci pourront cependant bénéficier des certaines aménagements appréciables au quotidien, quelle que soit la météo. It also comes with a neck roll to reduce turbulence, a chin curtain to help reduce noise and is ready to install a communication system with spaces dedicated to speakers and a microphone. Noise is a subjective topic and can also be influenced by numerous factors, for example whether the rider has a faired or naked bike, the use of screen deflectors etc. Bennetts Rewards is the exclusive home of some of the best competitions, discounts and opportunities in motorcycling. Helmet details. To most of us who are car freaks, it means ‘sideways’. The aesthetics of this Drift Evo are of course subjective, but one other point I’d like to highlight is the transparent dirt trap of a spoiler; it looks awful after a bout of rain and it’s nearly impossible to clean the internal face without removing three torx-head screws. Cheap vs expensive: How much should you pay for a motorcycle helmet? … The only visible wear to the lining during use is where my Rukka jacket collar’s Velcro fastening has rubbed the underside of the neck roll, so I can’t really complain at this. Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Pro casque intégral. Après une chute en 2 roues justement, j'ai très souvent mal à la base du cou. I personally never use earplugs and while riding my naked Street Triple found the Drift Evo Gama to be slightly above average on reducing noise. Geoffroy. Ils ne sont plus nombreux les fabricants de casques à réaliser leurs productions en Europe…et pourtant Caberg peut se targuer d’être l’un de ceux-là. The sun visor comes down nice and low while providing enough clearance to your nose and is also easily removeable for track days. Honestly, I don’t think you could ask for any more here. Information about how the colour codes relate to the recorded peak acceleration can be found at Impact Zone Diagrams. I found this helmet to have good noise suppression and never once encountered any of sort of whistling. Marca Caberg Modelo DRIFT EVO CARBON PRO Color Homologado CE CARACTERÍSTICAS CASCO CABERG DRIFT EVO CARBON PRO calota de carbono doble visera (transparente humo) sistema de visera de liberación rápida visera antiarañazos con pinlock max vision visera basculante cierre hebilla doble d circulación de aire interna forro extraíble y lavable. Casco Caberg Drift Evo Carbon Pro. This composite fibre shell has a nice matt finish with some sharp contouring that adds to its sporty look. 7 juin, 2016. When this lever is lifted, the visor is also locked to avoid sudden opening while on the move. Caberg really was on the right tracks in producing a quality helmet with the Drift Evo, and despite some minor quality-control gripes, it’s a good mid-range track day lid. Is it symbolism? Facebook. Firstly, the graphics at the interface with the visor window beading were slightly puckered and split; granted it’s only over approximately a centimetre in length and hardly noticeable, but I’d expect better straight from the factory. Inside the Drift Evo you’ll find a removable and washable liner. Impact zones - high speed tests . Overall build quality of the Caberg is good, however considering its mid-range price tag I do have a couple of gripes. Yes, this helmet visor can be locked, but only if you want your visor cracked open; you basically get to choose between the options of slight wind in your face from an open but locked tilting visor, or no wind with an occasional blast from a closed but unlocked tilting visor that unwittingly opens; especially not ideal when it’s raining. Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the, Important. Date reviewed: August 2019 | Tested by: Andrew Wolfe, BikeSocial Test Team | Price: From £229.99 |. The fit of any helmet is very subjective and it’s of utmost importance that the size and comfort is correct for you. During wet rides I didn’t encounter any noticeable water ingress through the vents, and on the hottest of summer days this system also performed admirably in keeping temperatures pleasant. DRIFT EVO CARBON PRO con carcasa de carbono completa y acabado brillante, con visor oscuro extra incluído en la caja. MIPS motorcycle helmets - Should we consider crashing? Caberg Drift Evo ci ha dato soddisfazione e in questa estetica Carbon Pro con visiera scura è davvero irresistibile anche al più narciso dei motociclisti., Date reviewed: August 2019 | Tested by: Andrew Wolfe, BikeSocial Test Team | Price: From £229.99 |, I’ve had this Caberg Drift Evo motorcycle helmet on review for several months now and have ridden around 3,000 miles with it on my Triumph Street Triple RS in a variety of weather conditions…. When first testing the visor seal for water resistance there was a slight leak on the right hand side, however the seal is an angled ‘flap’ – running a finger along it brought it back to position and from then it was fine; the visor mech works great at keeping the water out during rainfall.. A lever on the left side of the visor mechanism shifts the visor forward by 5mm to eliminate misting. Caberg really was on the right tracks in producing a quality helmet with the Drift Evo, and despite some minor quality-control gripes, it’s a good mid-range track day lid. The Drift Evo Gama uses a quick-release visor mechanism that allows visor self-adjustment to ensure a close contact between the visor and window beading. The ventilation system on the Caberg Drift Evo consists of a single large chin vent, a crown vent to draw air into the helmet and a single rear exhaust above the spoiler to remove it.