Would you like to learn more about the A320 desktop cockpit? The Light Panel adjusts the lighting of the Desktop‐Cockpit. So besteht diese A320-Tiefdecker-Familie aus den Varianten A318, A319, A320 und A321, wobei der A320 hier das Basismodell darstellt, und die Zahlenangaben die Rumpflängen bezeichnen. Some are able to fulfil their dream and become pilots. A cockpit with a high degree of reality that needs little space. Meanwhile PC programs have improved a lot. Innenverkleidungen, A320 Overhead Panel Anti-Ice und Lighting, Abdeckung Engine Start Switch inkl. "NO BLUE", all instructions shown in green, is an Airbus philosophy and means all systems are "healthy". FDS-A320-PRO-MX-FCU/EFIS. many replicas of a real A320 Furthermore, it displays warning messages in the event of faults as well as corresponding procedures. The FSLabs A320 includes an entirely custom animated external model, a complete 2D panel set and a fully immersive 3D virtual cockpit, allowing the flight simulator pilot an in-depth experience of this very popular aircraft. Andere Bauteile wie z. Mit Tiefdecker ist gemeint, dass die Tragflächen bzw. Haven’t you always dreamed about using a close‐to‐reality‐replica of an A320 cockpit for your PC flight simulation? On the other hand, it is used to select the display mode in the navigation display (see ND). Bestelle Dein A320 Desktop-Cockpit bei redgator. Just klick on one of the marked areas on the original cockpit and watch where the component can be found in our A320 Desktop‐Cockpit. Home; Shop on-line; News; Company Profile; Contact; Regulations; Login Register. We assure that all components are perfectly assembled. Der erste AIRBUS A320 Flugsimulator im Sueden Brandenburgs / Das Flugzeugcockpit in Elsterwerda / Hotline 015253442288 Airbus A320 Overhead Panel . Our concept is: as much cockpit as possible on as little space as possible. VIPER WING provides READY, turnkey F-16 Falcon, F-18 Hornet, F-35 flight simulator cockpits, as well as built demonstrator frames with ejection seat replicas, delivered anywhere worldwide to your door. process of pilots, whereby Our modules contain We present the solution: Our A320 Desktop‐ Cockpit. Our customers are ATOs, flight schools, commercial entertainment companies, universities and private persons. cockpit. JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. The Autobrake Panel includes the display for the landing gear control. The Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring System (ECAM) consists of two displays, the UPPER ECAM and the LOWER ECAM. A320 . TCAS = Traffic Collison and Avoidance System. The Radio Panel is used to set the radio frequencies. Diese Verkehrsflugzeuge zeichnen sich durch nur einen Mittelgang aus, der in der Economy Class zu beiden Seiten mit Sitzreihen zu jeweils 3 Sitzen gesäumt wird. We sell A320 flight simulators in a very high quality for commercial and home use. The button for the stopwatch (Chrono) is also built into this panel. Eine beruhigende Nachricht ist dabei, dass die Hydrauliken sowohl der Höhenflossentrimmung als auch des Seitenruders im Störfall direkt, also manuell betätigt werden können. das Tragwerk an der unteren Seite des Rumpfes angebracht ist.Daten zum A320 in der Übersicht. If you want to buy a flight simulator this is the right place for you. Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.Mehr erfahren. Cockpit. The Multi Purpose Display Unit (MCDU) serves as an interface between the pilot and the flight computer. To extend the landing gear, the lever must be pulled out slightly and moved down. In unserem Onlineshop findest Du alles Rund um Dein A320 Desktop-Cockpit. Für die elektronische Ansteuerung der Taster und LED´s wird eine USB Extension card und eine Mastercard von Open Cockpit verwendet. Following settings are available: Illuminance of the displays, the digital numbers and the background of the panels. YES! Das "Gehirn" dieses Systems besteht aus 7 Computern, die sich gegenseitig überwachen. Various additional information such as airports and waypoints can be displayed. It combines the following instruments: altimeter, artificial horizon, speed indicator, climb rate, turn‐and‐bank indicator and course indicator. The Flight Control Unit (FCU) is responsible for the settings of the autopilot. We produce for PREPAR3D, FSX, DCS World, BMS. They are very similar to real aircraft parts, but cannot be used in real aircrafts. quality and realism are the Whereas our modules need little space, they allow high quality training at low costs. No more mouse‐clicking on the screen of your PC. Die Vorderkanten des Seitenleitwerks bestehen beispielsweise aus glasfaserverstärktem Kunststoff. Einsteigen und Platznehmen! Many other flight enthusiasts cannot make their dream come true and instead use the possibility of flight simulation on their PC. The Primary Flight Display (PFD) is the most important display in the cockpit of an airplane. Whereas hardware has been missing. Speed, heading, altitude or the climb and descent speed can be set. FDS-A320-PRO-MX-SIDESTK-CA Price Upon Request . The EFIS Control Panel (Electronic Flight Instrument System) combines various functions. Moreover, we ensure that their compatibility is guaranteed at all times. Watch and wonder at the diversity of our A320 Desktop‐Cockpit. Viele Nachbildungen aus einem echten A320 Cockpit sind in unseren Modulen verbaut. The TCAS communicates with the TCAS of other aircrafts in the area. There are also buttons for Auto Thrust (A / THR), which is necessary for the aircraft to control the engine power. Our products are exclusively used for flight simulation and cannot be used for professional flight training. In einem Ausnahmefall gibt es sogar Reihen … The dream of flying is the dream of many. FDS-A320-PRO-MX-SIDESTK-CA The Switching Panel switches between the displays. We use high quality materials like aluminium and plastics. We will continuously improve and extend our range of products to establish a long‐term relation with our customers. 7- Complete MIP with instruments screens and all functional buttons. When the landing gear is down, the three lamps (LDG GEAR) light up green. Diese Verkehrsflugzeuge zeichnen sich durch nur einen Mittelgang aus, der in der Economy Class zu beiden Seiten mit Sitzreihen zu jeweils 3 Sitzen gesäumt wird. And the best part: Our A320 Desktop‐Cockpit is space‐saving and fits on any desk. Don’t miss any updates! We make other A320 components too! Cart: empty. A320 Overhead, A320 Throttle-Box, A320 Controller-Box. 8 – Complete documentation (French and English manuals) 9 – Some A320 starting procedures. Price Upon Request. Damit ist die Steuerung des Flugzeugs sogar beim Totalausfall der Bordelektronik grundsätzlich noch möglich. status of the doors (open/closed), temperature of the brakes, control devices and the temperature with in the aircraft. Furthermore, it adjusts the volume of radio contact. Oceania Pack for FF A320 [10.00 Dollars] South America for FF A320 [10.00 Dollars] Boeing Professional Models for X-Plane 10 & 11. The pilots can only communicate with the ground stations if they are set correctly. The Navigation Display (ND) provides information about the course flown and can show the entire programmed flight route. The models are sold on x-plane.org. Space‐saving, portable and functional ‐ these are the main characteristics of our solution. Die Bezeichnung A320 steht gleich für eine ganze Baureihe von 4 Schmalrumpfflugzeugen des europäischen Herstellers Airbus mit Sitz in Toulouse. You can also specify which control handle (sidestick) has priority. The Gear Lever is used to retract and extend the landing gear. Created Date: 12/8/2007 2:06:01 PM Sie müssen JavaScript in Ihrem Browser aktivieren um alle Funktionen dieser Webseite nutzen zu können. Our A320 Desktop‐Cockpit is a realistic training device which accelerates the training Jene Teile des Rumpfes, wo extrem hohe Belastungen auftreten können, sind aus Stahl oder Titan gefertigt. Home; Shop on-line; News; Company Profile; Contact; Regulations; Full offer of . The Engine Warning Display (E/WD) shows the engine parameters, fuel and the position of the flaps / slats. Die z. T. hoch belasteten Außenhautteile werden aus einer hochfesten gefrästen Aluminiumlegierung gefertigt. essential factors. E.g. With our Desktop‐Cockpit you can experience a close to realistic flight simulation complete original sized A320 MCDU Multi-Function Control Display Unit MCDU Multi-Function Control and Display Unit for Airbus A320 type simulators, standalone with CPU inside, Ethernet connection. In einem Ausnahmefall gibt es sogar Reihen mit 7 Sitzplätzen. Our A320 Desktop‐Cockpit is extremely well‐suited for prospective pilots to obtain basic training, training of procedures and improvement of skills. Sign up for our newsletter. The control for the automatic brake system (AUTO BRK) is located underneath. This data is important for the autopilot to fly the aircraft correctly. Pilots can obtain different kind of information with the help of 12 buttons (see ECAM System Display). Die Tragflächen haben zwei Holme, die in dem zentralen Flügelkasten verlaufen, der seinerseits quasi mittig in der Struktur des Rumpfes integriert ist. Among other tasks, this panel serves to switch between displays of the Multifunction Display. On the one hand, the current air pressure for the altimeter is entered. The System Display (SD) shows and verifies all systems of the aircraft.